Digital Scholarship Fellowship


The CDIL Digital Scholarship Fellowship program provides time and assistance for faculty members in the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences (CLASS) to begin or continue exploring digital means for publishing or accomplishing their research. Selected Fellows will receive a course release during the Fall 2021 semester to enable them to work with CDIL staff and faculty in the pursuit of a digital scholarship project or the development of digital scholarship expertise.


At the end of their term as CDIL Digital Scholarship Fellow, faculty members will have completed major parts of their digital scholarship project, which will lead to online publication of the project via CDIL’s web platforms and/or a publication of some kind detailing the results of said project. Fellows will also be required to present on their respective projects in the CDIL facility, either as a traditional presentation or as a workshop. This program is designed to help faculty develop new skills and to promote digital scholarship across campus via publications, presentations, and workshops.

Who is eligible:

CLASS tenure track or tenured faculty.

Deadline to apply:

March 22, 2021

Number of awards:


Nature of the award:

Each Fellow will receive a course reassignment for the Fall 2021 semester. Funding is provided for these reassignments by CLASS.

Duration of program:

Fall 2021 Semester

Review process:

CDIL Staff members and former fellows will review applications and recommend awards to the deans of Library and CLASS. They will make the decision on awards based on the committee’s recommendations. The committee will judge applications based on the overall promise of the project proposed, as well as the project’s fit with the capacities and goals of CDIL.

Development Fellowship:

Applicants who are not chosen for this fellowship will be automatically considered for our development fellowship.

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