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Congratulations to the 2020 CDIL Fellows and thank you to all who applied!
More on the fellowships below.


We are collaborative by design, connecting faculty, staff, and students with technology and with each other.


We open up spaces and opportunities to explore the new ideas, new tools, and new modes of working in our increasingly digital world.


We build digital platforms and technological expertise to advance research, teaching, and creative endeavors at the University of Idaho.


The Center for Digital Inquiry and Learning (CDIL) is a collaboration between the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) and the University of Idaho Library. Its purpose is to advance digital scholarship opportunities at the University of Idaho.


CDIL began in 2015 as a series of meetings convened by Andrew Kersten, Dean of the College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS). These meetings brought together faculty from CLASS and the Library who were interested in advancing digital scholarship on campus and exploring collaborative research and teaching opportunities. In 2016, President Chuck Staben selected the CDIL as one of five campus projects, chosen from a pool of 43 applicants, to be awarded a Vandal Ideas Project (VIP) grant. The CDIL has used these funds, under the direction of Devin Becker, UI Library’s Head of Data & Digital Services and the CDIL’s first director, to outfit the physical center in the UI Library and to fund two different digital scholarship fellowship programs and two graduate research assistantships.


The CDIL is located on the second floor of the University of Idaho Library, Room 211. The center is available for meetings and project work related to digital scholarship activities at the University of Idaho. We have 15 computers and three virtual reality platforms (HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift, Playstation) available for demonstration and education purposes. Contact Devin Becker, Evan Williamson, or Olivia Wikle with any questions.




Devin Becker

Director, CDIL
University of Idaho Library


Evan Williamson

Digital Infrastructure Librarian
University of Idaho Library


Olivia Wikle

Digital Initiatives Librarian
University of Idaho Library

Faculty Fellows

Katrina Eichner

Sarah Campbell

Assistant Professor
Theatre Arts

Katrina Eichner

Katrina Eichner

Assistant Professor
Sociology and Anthropology


Matthew Fox-Amato

Assistant Professor

Erin James

Erin James

Associate Professor


Kristine Levan

Assistant Professor
Sociology & Anthropology


Sarah Nelson

Associate Professor
Modern Languages & Cultures


Adam Sowards



Rebecca Scofield

Assistant Professor


Zackary Turpin

Assistant Professor

Student Fellows


Ricky Baldridge

Graduate Fellow, 2019


Renae Campbell

Graduate Fellow, 2018


Corey Oglesby

Graduate Fellow, 2017


Rylee Robertson

Undergraduate Fellow, 2019


Denessy Rodriguez

Undergraduate Fellow, 2018


Kit Stokes

Library Graduate Fellow, 2019


Lauren Westerfield

Graduate Fellow, 2017



Barry Bilderback

Associate Professor


Rodney Frey

Sociology & Anthropology


Bruce Godfrey

GIS Librarian
University of Idaho Library


Patricia Hart

Associate Professor
Journalism and Mass Media


Alexandra Teague

Assistant Professor

Digital Scholarship on the Palouse

Engaging the virtual through the local and vice versa.


Historical Japanese Ceramic Comparative Collection

Closure of Syringa


Vandal Poem of the Day

Boys jumping off a pier and label for CCC Collection

Child Mortality Study via Augmented Reality Application

Workshops & Events


CDIL workshops engage faculty, staff, and students on campus with a variety of tools and techniques for working with data and technology in their research projects.

Most workshops are held in the CDIL (Room 211) or the instruction room on the second floor of the library.

If you'd like to request or lead a workshop, please email the Workshop Coordinator, Evan Williamson at

Upcoming Workshops

DH Workshops and Events in the area

Washington State University's Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation (CDSC) offers regular digital scholarship workshops and public programming.

CDSC Events

Fellowships & Opportunities

2020 Fellowship applications for faculty, graduate students, and undergrads are now open. Find full information about how to apply below.


CDIL Digital Scholarship Fellowships

Information and Application Instructions Available Here:
Fall 2020 CDIL Digital Scholarship Fellowship

The CDIL Digital Scholarship Fellowship program provides time and assistance for faculty members in the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences to begin or continue exploring digital means for publishing or accomplishing their research. Selected Fellows will receive a course release during the Fall 2020 semester to enable them to work with CDIL staff and faculty in the pursuit of a digital scholarship project or the development of digital scholarship expertise.

Past Faculty Fellows:

Fall 2020 Fellows:

  • Katrina Eichner (Assistant Professor, Sociology & Anthropology) - CDIL Digital Scholarship Fellowship
  • Sarah Campbell (Assistant Professor, Theatre Arts) - CDIL Faculty Development Fellowship

Fall 2019 Fellows:

  • Sarah Nelson (Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures)
  • Zachary Turpin (Assistant Professor, English)

Fall 2018 Fellows:

  • Becca Scofield (Assistant Professor, History)
    Project: The Voices of Gay Rodeo
  • Adam Sowards (Associate Professor, History)
    Project: Idaho Wilderness and Democracy: Experiments in Visualizing Citizen Testimony

Spring 2017 Fellows:

Faculty fellowships are made possible by support from CLASS, the U of I Library, and the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED).

Undergrads and Graduate Students

CDIL Student Fellowships

This summer, with the assistance of the College of Graduate Studies (COGS) and the Office of Undergraduate Research(OUR), we are offering summer fellowships for both graduate and undergraduate students. These positions provide paid work developing digital projects and research in the CDIL. Applications are easy: apply now by filling out an online form providing a short statement of interest (300 words) and background (150 words)!

Information and Application Instructions Available Here:
Link to Application
Information Sheet on the Graduate Student Summer Fellowship
Information Sheet on the Undergraduate Student Summer Fellowship

Past Student Fellows:

Summer 2020 Fellows:

  • Graduate Fellow: Jack Kredell (English), Christopher Lamb (English)
  • Undergraduate Fellow: Samson Matthews (Music)

Summer 2019 Fellows:

  • Graduate Fellow: Ricky Baldridge (English)
  • Undergraduate Fellow: Rylee Robertson (Anthropology and Sociology)
    Project: University of Idaho: Then and Now
  • Library Fellow: Kit Stokes (English)

Summer 2018 Fellows:

Student fellowships are made possible by support from CLASS, the U of I Library, the College of Graduate Studies, and the Office of Undergraduate Research.

Digital Scholarship Symposium

CDIL Summer Symposium Fellowships

In past years CDIL has co-hosted a week-long Palouse Digital Scholarship Symposium with Washington State University’s Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation (CDSC). We're doing things a little differently this year; check back soon to learn more!

Past Summer Fellows:

Summer Symposium 2019:

Summer Symposium 2018:

Summer Symposium 2017:

If you're interested in working with the CDIL during the school year, please contact Devin Becker regarding available opportunities. We sometimes have work available via work-study and temporary help opportunities.


Center for Digital Inquiry and Learning

Room 211
University of Idaho Library
Moscow, Idaho