picture of Devin Becker

Devin Becker

Co-Director, CDIL

picture of Andrew Weymouth

Andrew Weymouth

Digital Initiatives Librarian

picture of Evan Williamson

Evan Williamson

Co-Director, CDIL

Faculty Fellows

picture of Sarah Campbell

Sarah Campbell

Assistant Professor

picture of Katrina Eichner

Katrina Eichner

Assistant Professor

picture of Matthew Fox-Amato

Matthew Fox-Amato

Associate Professor

picture of Erin James

Erin James

Associate Professor

picture of Jenn Ladino

Jenn Ladino


picture of Kristine Levan

Kristine Levan

Associate Professor

picture of Sarah Nelson

Sarah Nelson

Associate Professor

picture of Rebecca Scofield

Rebecca Scofield

Associate Professor

picture of Adam Sowards

Adam Sowards

Professor Emeritus

picture of Zachary Turpin

Zachary Turpin

Associate Professor

Student Fellows

picture of Ricky Baldridge

Ricky Baldridge

Graduate Fellow

picture of Renae Campbell

Renae Campbell

Graduate Fellow

picture of Michael Decker

Michael Decker

Graduate Fellow

picture of Cady Favazzo

Cady Favazzo

Graduate Fellow

picture of Grace Gardiner

Grace Gardiner

Undergraduate Fellow

picture of Nick Koenig

Nick Koenig

Graduate Fellow

picture of Jack Kredell

Jack Kredell

Graduate Fellow

picture of Chris Lamb

Chris Lamb

Graduate Fellow

picture of Liam Marchant

Liam Marchant

Undergraduate Fellow

picture of Samson Matthews

Samson Matthews

Undergraduate Fellow

picture of Corey Oglesby

Corey Oglesby

Graduate Fellow

picture of Rylee Robertson

Rylee Robertson

Undergraduate Fellow

picture of Denessy Rodriguez

Denessy Rodriguez

Undergraduate Fellow

picture of Kit Stokes

Kit Stokes

Library Graduate Fellow

picture of Lauren Westerfield

Lauren Westerfield

Graduate Fellow

picture of Anne Yen

Anne Yen

Graduate Fellow


picture of Barry Bilderback

Barry Bilderback

Associate Professor

picture of Jylisa Doney

Jylisa Doney

Social Sciences Librarian

picture of Leah Evans-Janke

Leah Evans-Janke

Bowers Lab Manager

picture of Bruce Godfrey

Bruce Godfrey

GIS Librarian

picture of Patricia Hart

Patricia Hart

Associate Professor Emeritus

picture of Isabel Marlens

Isabel Marlens

Confluence Lab Graduate Research Assistant

picture of Marco Seiferle-Valencia

Marco Seiferle-Valencia

Open Education Librarian

picture of Julia Stone

Julia Stone

Past Digital Scholarship Librarian

picture of Florianna Tulli

Florianna Tulli

Library Dean's Fellow

picture of Olivia Wikle

Olivia Wikle

Past Co-Director, CDIL