Wolf Reintroduction
The Return of Canis Lupus to Idaho

The Project

This interactive multimodal project was created by Flori Tulli with the support of the Center for Digital Inquiry and Learning. The goal is to show various dimensions surrounding the wolf controversy in Idaho: a coalescence of regional viewpoints and events stemming from the initial release of Canis Lupus in 1995.

On this website, you can explore this project’s three components:

  1. “Wolf Reintroduction (1995-2023)” - A collage of Idaho composed of diverse regional sources about wolf reintroduction, on display at the University of Idaho’s Art and Ecology Exhibition, Fall 2023 - 2024.
  2. An Essay about the process behind making the collage.
  3. An archived collection of over 60 regional sources, which can be found in Map, Timeline, Subjects, and Browse.

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